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A modern invention based on traditional Japanese umbrellas

Hiyoshiya is a time-honored traditional Japanese umbrella shop.Founded in Kyoto in the late Edo period (1600-1868), Hiyoshiya has been creating traditional Japanese umbrellas for five generations.

When a traditional Japanese umbrella is opened and held up to the sunlight, you can feel the warmth and brightness of the sunlight through the washi paper.The geometric pattern of the bamboo bones complements the perfect beauty of this Japanese tradition.

Recently, Hiyoshiya began designing interior decoration products based on the craft traditions used to make traditional Japanese umbrellas.KOTORI lamp line is our first major modern product line.

KOTORI lamps were born from Hiyoshiyafs passion for beauty and perfection.
We hope our KOTORI lamps will add warmth and comfort to your home and office life.

Distribution Network


Retailers including on-line shops, mail order companies and the like:


Thomas Merlo
Thomas Merlo & Partner AG
Giessenstrasse 17
CH-8953 Dietikon, ZH
Tel:+41 43 322 99 77
Fax:+41 43 322 99 79

Architects, light- and interior planners for contract business and the like:


Christoph Zippel
Ziplight GmbH
Schwetzingerstr. 51, 68723 Plankstadt, Germany
Tel :+49 6202 2048 530
Fax:+49 6202 1263372

North America

Peter Kahane
1 Church Street
New Milford, CT 06776
T. 860-354-8765
F. 860-354-8620
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Our online shop is for only Lampshade and attachment clasp for ordinary socket.
Please ask our distributor for whole lampset(Including lamp hard wear set)
Especially if you are in Europe and North America.

Pendant Lamp
Light: 40W/E17/opalescent bulb
Body: steel/white bronze plating, beige coating finish
Shade: bamboo, wood, Japanese washi paper

Floor Stand Lamp
Light: 60W/E17/opalescent bulb
Body: steel/white bronze plating, beige coating finish, with foot switch
Shade: bamboo, wood, Japanese washi paper

*The bamboo bones are made by splitting a single section of bamboo into very thin strips. The patina of the bamboo grows over time.
*The washi paper used for KOTORI lamps is very special. It is called
Ocho-shi (Imperial Court paper). It is said that high-born women in the Heian period (794-1185) wrote romantic letters on this type of paper. It is very flexible and durable and has a textile-like pattern.
*The shade can easily be removed from the body. Other shades can be used depending on the atmosphere of the room or seasonal influences.
*The shade, which can be folded away like a traditional Japanese umbrella,needs little storage space.
*The shade can be custom made from your favorite paper or fabric. Please enquire.
*Because each lampshade is made exclusively with natural materials, each one is slightly different, just like in the natural world.
*All shades are handmade by professional Kyoto craft masters.

Pendant 388 x 205
White(Natural) Red Black Purple White Flower  
Pendant 700X355
White Red Black Purple
Self-standing Lamp 310X460
White Red Black Purple Green Prum Red,
Prum Blue,
Self-standing Lamp 140X300
Japanese Floral Green      
Self-standing Lamp 220X300
Peacock Feather Lite Blue Mind    
Jorg Kotori"Butterfly" 700~500
White Plane White Star Purple Wave Black Wave  
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Kyoto Japanese Umbrellas
Founded in the late Edo period (1600-1867)
Official purveyor of Japanese umbrellas for tea ceremony masters and the Imperial family

546 Dodo-cho, Teranouchi Horikawa-higashi-iru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0072 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)75-441-6644
Fax: +81-(0)75-441-6645
Email: info@wagasa.com

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