Hiyoshiya, which has been manufacturing traditional crafts, Kyo-wagasa for over 160 years, continues to make a variety of Wagasa such as Ban-gasa, Janome-gasa, Nodate-gasa, and also work on the restrations of Wagasa used in temples, shrines and traditional ceremonies.
We take on new challenges while preserving the tradition of Kyo-wagasa. We have expanded into the fields of design lighting and interiors, using natural materials and we continue to propose products and spaces where you can feel the beauty of traditional techniques in modern life.
Besides, we are engaged in overseas business as well as domestic, by utilizing the know-how and networks that we have expanded to more than 15 countries. We provide consulting on design management of traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, produce regional brands, support overseas expansion, etc.
In recent years, we have also been working on human resource development projects that allow local companies and regions to produce by themselves. We are also working to support the promotion of sustainable regional industries.
We hope to redefine the value of the history and culture of Japan in which we live in line with the modern global society, and contribute to the succession of tradition and the development of crafts based on the philosophy of "Tradition is Continuing Innovation"
Tradition is
Continuing Innovation
Hiyoshiya Business
We contribute to the development of the trational industry, by bringing back the know-how of product improvemnt and domestic/overseas sales to other traditional crafts artisans, workshops and companies.
Hiyoshiya Business Categories
Production, maitenance, special order of Wagasa & lamps, hands-on workshop
Hiyoshiya of the traditional artifact, "Kyo-wagasa". Introducing history and technology. Information on various Japanese umbrellas and lanterns, and consultation on repairs and custom-made products. A trial workshop is also available. Please enjoy the traditional beauty.
Design lamps, made-to-order products
We will build new value with the power of tradition and design, along with the idea that "Tradition is Continuing Innovation". Design lighting and design miscellaneous goods using Japanese umbrella (Wagasa) technology. Please take a look at the possibilities of tradition.
Interior design highliting Japanese traditional materials
Proposal of interior space using natural materials such as Washi (Japanese paper), bamboo and lacquer, and traditional techniques such as ceramics, metalwork, textiles and dyeing and weaving. From commercial use such as hotels, cafes and restaurants to gerneal housing, "Wa" materials are brought to modern space.
Product development, domestic & international marketing, regional promotion
Introducing product development, domestic and overseas sales channel development, regional production business, etc. We have supported more than 700 companies nationwide with our practical methods, "Next Market-in" based on actual examples of reconstruction of the long-established workshop/store "Hiyoshiya". We also provide services of product and graphic design, website design and construction as well as promotional movie creation to support traditional crafts. Bringing the potential of the region to the world.
Introducing various seminars to learn the theory, skills, and know-how of "Next Market-in" and regional producer training courses. Click here if you are aiming for product development, domestic and overseas sales channel development, consultation and regional producers.
Luxury craft tourism
The purpose of the trip is to meet a master who gives you excitement and astonishment. A new form of travel, "Paths to Mastery", where you can experience the depth of Japanese nature and history, whilst spending a special time interacting with craftsmen and learn about the richness of Japanese culture.
Online showroom of international craftsmanship
Collaboration between Hiyoshiya and "Meister Strasse": the world's largest portal site where about 5000 workshops from all over the world participate, mainly in Europe. We support the international e-commerce and transmission of information on crafts, food, art, etc. created by Japanese craftsmen.
KYOTO Store / Workshop

Address : 546 Dodo-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone : +81-75-441-6644
Opening hours : Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm
* Store is open on public holiday.

Access by train
JR: #9 bus from JR Kyoto station, get off at Horikawa-Teranouchi stop, walk for 1 minute
Subway: Karasuma-line, get off at Imadegawa station, take #2 exit and walk for 12 minutes
Hankyu railway: #9 or 12 bus from Horikawa street after getting out of Shijo-Omiya station

Access by city bus
From JR Kyoto station, #9 from Nijo-jo castle, #12 from Shijo-Kawaramachi. Walk for 1 minute from the closest bus station, "Horikawa-Terano-Uchi"

KYOTO Nishijin Office / HIYOSHIYA Craft-lab

Address : 203 Tateyashiro-kitahancho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone : +81-75-432-8751
Opening hours : Weekday 10am - 5pm

Access by train
Subway Karasuma line: Walk from Kurama-guchi station #2 exit for 15 minutes

Access by city bus
From JR Kyoto station, #9 from Nijojo-castle, #12 from Shijo-Kawaramachi. Descend the bus at "Tenjin-kouen-mae" and walk for 7 minutes

Access by car
Go on Meishin-Highway"Kyoto-South IC", go north side from R1, and enter Horikawa-street from R1. Go to the west side from Horikawa-Imadegawa crossing and go north side on Imadegawa-Omiya. Turn left when you see a family mart on the northwest side. Then, turn right at the first turning point to proceed towards the north. Proceed further north, 10m from the second turning point, and you will see the place on the east side

TOKYO Office

Address : 3-10-8 Numabukuro, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Phone : +81-80-3819-4907

PARIS Office / Showroom (Reservation only)

Address : 332 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris
MOBILE : +33 (0)6-22-71-59-55
Opening hours : Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm
* Please make an appointment by call or e-mail 3 days prior to your visit.

Access by Metro
Line 1/ Tuileries station. 2 minute by walk.

Singapore Gallery / Showroom

Address : 35 Tannery Road, #07-05 Tannery Block, Singapore 347740
Phone : +65 6747 5450
Mail : wow@wowwow.com.sg
Representative Agency : WOW Floors
Person in charge : Zain
Opening hours : Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

New York Showroom

Address : D&D Building - New York Showroom, 979 Third Avenue Suite 1016 - 10th Floor, Ny, Ny 10022
Phone : (332) 270-0570
Mail : Ronit@ronitanderson.com
Representative Agency : Ronit Anderson
Person in charge : Ronit Anderson CEO
Opening hours : Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00

Kotaro Nishibori
Kyo-wagasa, Japanese traditional craft
Hiyoshiya, 5th Generation Head

President of Hiyoshiya Co., Ltd.
President of TCI Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Director of DENTO Co., Ltd.
Board member of Nonprofit Organization DENTO
The fifth successor of the only Kyo-wagasa manufacturer "Hiyoshiya". Born in Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture. After studying abroad in Canada, became an interpreter at the city hall, but after getting married, was charmed by the beauty of Kyo-wagasa at his wife's parental home, "Hiyoshiya". Quit the job of a civil servant and decided to shift to a craftsmanship. Inaugurated as the 5th generation in 2004. Under the corporate philosophy of "Tradition is Continuing Innovations" we are actively developing new products that utilize the technology and structure of Japanese umbrella (Wagasa), as well as inheriting traditional Wagasa. Aim to become a global long-established venture company.
We are also working on the development of collaborative products with domestic and foreign designers, artists, and architects, and have been actively participating in overseas exhibitions since 2008, Maison & Objet (Paris), Ambiente, Tendednce, Light + Building (Frankfurt), ICFF. Exhibited at (NY) etc. Started overseas export centering on the Japanese-style lighting "KOTORI-" series. Currently deployed in 15 countries. In 2012, utilizing the experience and network cultivated at Hiyoshiya, established TCI Laboratory Co., Ltd., which supports Japanese traditional crafts and SMEs' overseas product development and marker development, and became the representative. Since 2012, he has been hosting the Contemporary Japanese DesignExhibition at Fuori Salone, Milan.