Traditional industry operators in Tokushima are taking on the challenge of crowdfunding

Traditional industry operators in Tokushima take on the challenge of crowdfunding.

To introduce the charm of Tokushima's traditional crafts to a wider audience, four traditional industry operators in Tokushima have launched a project. This project aims to develop unique products that combine Tokushima's traditional techniques and wisdom with modern design. During the period from March 23 (Wednesday) to April 22 (Saturday),  they will be actively participating in crowdfunding. Hiyoshiya Craft Lab supports the launch of this project, the product development and the implementation of crowdfunding.

Everyone’s support is sincerely appreciated.
Crowdfunding Period: March 23 (Wednesday) to April 22 (Saturday)

[Introduction of Operators and Developed Products]

Oji Japan
With 50 years of craftsmanship, Oji Japan presents the Kiri Bread Case, a precisely crafted paulownia box specifically designed for bread.   
・Crafted by a special paulownia box artisan who usually creates treasure boxes for shrines and storage boxes for museums.
・The unique moisture-adjusting properties and preservative effects (tannin) of paulownia maintain the deliciousness of bread.
・Achieving airtightness to the extent that the lid smoothly falls with precision craftsmanship adjusted to 0.1mm.

Flower Shop Kei
Artificial flowers crafted by modern master artisans in the art of indigo dyeing, known as « Ai-Zenka".
・Enjoy the everlasting beauty of these artificial flowers, resembling real blooms, with the added advantage of minimal maintenance.
・The enchanting "Ai-Zenka" flowers, crafted with authentic indigo dyeing techniques, seamlessly blend into interior spaces, evoking a sense of tranquility.
・No soil or water is required, making these flowers versatile for placement on dining tables, desks, or any space, bringing a touch of elegance without the need for special care.

Ebuchi Kyoudai Shop
Furniture artisans craft a compact and enduring Pet Memorial Box (Buddhist Altar).
・ A box-style pet altar that allows you to keep your beloved pet close, providing a space for cherished memories.
・Available in two colors, Tokushima's indigo dyeing and natural tones, seamlessly blending with interior decor.

Bon Ame
Bamboo Cups & Tumblers dyed in deep hues of indigo
・Colored with two types of indigo dye and pigment, creating a deep and mysterious Japan Blue.
・Carefully selected premium-sized bamboo from Anabuki-cho, Tokushima, for the cups.
・The beauty of the gradient, created by the natural fibers of bamboo and hand-dyeing, enhances the allure of these eco-friendly cups and tumblers.