Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2023

We will exhibit at the 'Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2023,' which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from February 15th (Wednesday) to February 17th (Friday). This event is the largest domestic trade show for design goods, titled 'Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2023 - 13th edition Life&Design.’

Presented by Hiyoshiya Craft-lab, four regional brands from Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Tokushima will be showcased together. The focus lies on the meticulous and reliable 'craftsmanship,' where the faces of the creators are visible, and the emotions and craftsmanship behind the products can be felt.

The challenge is to provide sustainable and joyful moments. It is not just about the functionality of the items but also about delivering a story that evokes moments of happiness. The current demand from creators is to offer a blend of both.

Each brand participating in this exhibition carries a distinct message. We do not just offer products; we propose stories and new lifestyles that resonate with our customers.

Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram from the exhibition venue, we will communicate Japanese craftsmanship in both the physical and online realms. We sincerely hope that you will take this opportunity to experience the value of Japanese craftsmanship.

[Introduction to the Exhibited Projects]

◆ Ando Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)"

We Weave Tradition and Dye the Future
For over a century, we have been creating traditional Japanese accessories in Kyoto. We are committed to what we do as we move forward into the next 100 years. We propose products that merge tradition and the future by applying ‘shibori’ dyeing techniques to materials such as organic cotton and recycled resources.

Brand Information Page ≫https://www.hibinowa.com/
Booth Number: East 4-T37-09

◆Living alongside Water - Towel (Senshu Towel, Osaka)

More than 130 years of tradition in Osaka's Senshu region, with a unique, environmentally friendly 'after-roughing' manufacturing method. Thanks to this process, Senshu Towels exhibit excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, making them practical and user-friendly for everyday life. Don't miss the new series specialized for use in hot springs and public baths, called 'Onsen-shu Towel.

Brand Information Page ≫https://www.senshutowel.jp/
Booth Number: East 4-T36-04
Organized by: Osaka Towel Industrial Association

◆Kobe Leather (Hyogo)

Kobe Leather is born from the hides of Tajima cattle, the breed that produces one of the world's finest meats, Kobe beef. All hides can be traced for their origin, and the entire process from cattle production to leather tanning takes place within Hyogo Prefecture. This platform utilizes local resources.

Brand Information Page ≫https://kobeleather.or.jp/
Booth Number: East 4-T37-03
Organized by: Kobe Leather Cooperative


DENTO TOKUSHIMA is a craftsmanship project initiated by businesses in Tokushima, aiming to showcase their creations nationwide in Japan. From cups and art flowers with a base in indigo blue to cosmetic boxes and bread cases, traditional techniques and know-how from Tokushima have been transformed into unique gift products through contemporary design.

Brand Information Page ≫DENTO TOKUSHIMA
Booth Number: East 4-T36-10
Organized by: Tokushima Traditional Industry Promotion